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Variations on 'Was Lebet' (2017)

This major work is based on the German chorale 'Was Lebet' (O worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness). The piece is made up of five contrasting variations. Originally scored for Brass Band, here it has been set for Wind Band.

A majestic, fanfare-like section opens the work, leading into a giocoso classical-style variation. The beautiful Variation 2 is reflective and plaintive, while the next variation is somewhat quirky and volatile in nature. There is a French romantic feel to Variation 4, with a playful waltz providing scope for various soloists around the band to display their musicianship. Variation 5 is fugal in nature, with each section of the band being handed the theme at various points. The sense of motion builds gradually to a grandiose presentation of the theme, the first time that it is heard in its full form, bringing the work to a thrilling, majestic conclusion.

Recordings: Pulse (The International Staff Band)

Publisher: AJW Music & Media, Inc., with kind permission of SP&S

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Variations on 'Was Lebet' (2017)
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