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Fearless (2017)

Winner of the New York Staff Band's 2017 Composer Contest, this tone poem is based on two contemporary worship songs: 'Soldier's Hymn' and 'I'm in His Hands'.

Programme Note
The world can be a frightening place, with all the uncertainty and evil that seems to be prevalent today. Being a Christian can at times be lonely in a world such as this, and this is reflected in the euphonium solo at the start of this tone poem, entitled 'Fearless'. As the Christian goes out into the world (reflected at b. 28), they are mindful that ‘those who speak be fearless, those who serve be blameless’. This journey is not an easy one and there are ‘days I cannot see’, as we are reminded of in the middle section, starting at b. 118, but with this comes the assurance that ‘I’m in His hands, whatever the future holds’.

The final section of the piece features a full statement of 'Soldier’s Hymn', the first time it is heard in its entirety, although there are references to the tune throughout. The work finishes with the glorious statement, ‘Onward to the conquest, north to south and east to west, Forward to the glorious fight of love’. With the strength of God, we know we can move forward without fear.

CD recordings: Endless Power (New York Staff Band)

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Fearless (2017)
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